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Past Problems

  • High recruitment cost
  • Tedious and slow recruitment process
  • Time consuming screening process
  • Ineffective interview arrangements

The Solution

  • Cost effective recruitment (save up to 90%)
  • 1000’s of candidates available in your area
  • Screen and approve all candidates
  • Arrange interview for you

Cost Effective Staffing

Use the calculator below to find out how SwiftRecruit can save you money on placement costs.

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How SwiftRecruit Works


What you need

Give us the details of your job requirements and candidate criteria and we’ll have a match within minutes.

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Who you need

SwiftRecruit will source the best people from our pool of talented recruits. SwiftRecruit will automatically find up to 7 potential candidates that fit your exact requirements. There is no room for sacrificing quality over quantity in decisions that have a massive impact on your business.

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How soon

SwiftRecruit will automatically screen CVs for you, contact the best candidates and schedule interviews at a time and place of your choice! We can send you candidates within 48 hours of your request.

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